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Avid Navajo gamer who loves Anime and Cartoons plus play video games of any sort. I love to complete games that are tedious and challenging. I love to draw and clean as my janitorial duty also eat sweets. Thank you for stopping by.

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For old times sake and walk down memory lane, I busted out my old flash drives from 2013 over the weekend to test if any has memory decay or file corruptions would assure after I inserted it but it did work perfectly. With over 2 GB of files in my flash drives it was surprising that it survived through time when I had these during high school even still there today.

Also I will be quite busy with my plans ahead this year, but I still gonna finish my unfinished works despite the tight schedule and plan out my effort to finally focus heavily on half of my work. It has been quite a long time I posted here and seeing my fan count has increased 30% since 2012. (Awesome that Tom Fulp is a fan of my work)

With websites I had visited in the past are long gone and Korean image boards deleted. I think it's best that I post my content here only on Newgrounds and Pixiv nowadays. So much varieties here today then it was when I left yesterday.

As of now, I will be saving up for a Dell laptop so I may get working on my unfinished works and plan to upload it here. It feels great to come back and show my support.


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