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Happy 23th Birthday and News of my whatabouts.

2013-10-12 16:17:58 by 1DarkVoid

Well, today is my 23th Birthday today and since I am alone to spend my Birthday alone, I wish you all a Great day! ^_^

Thank for the Front Page! I never knew I would get one. It just makes my day! I will soon make more again.

2nd news of this update is that I am still in a game of catching up on my works that I have piled up and if I stand here and do nothing it gets worst... I have been working on my pixel art there and here, but so far, I have several that are just going to be finished next week putting more of my time on making art and improving it. (I bet if I lied... No...)

Yes, I heard about the release of X and Y, I did get Y as my personal birthday gift and I have been enjoying for the first 2 hours of it, but I have so much in my hands that I just going to store on the shelves for now. (Rest my friend.)

I want to play a Super NES version of a Pokemon game! More updates coming soon.
Pokemon BW Xtransceiver

Pokemon BW Trainer

That's about it and Enjoy this 13 minute drawing.

Happy 23th Birthday and News of my whatabouts.


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2013-10-15 16:25:07

Is late, but... Happy B-Day :3

1DarkVoid responds:

I won't deny this.
Thanks! ^^


2013-10-14 16:12:18

Congrats on the frontpage, and Happy Birthday!

(Updated ) 1DarkVoid responds:

Thanks! This made my day. :)